About Massage Therapy

Concerns about Massage

It is very important for you to feel Comfortable with me. I want you to express your concerns at any time during our session.  I typically explain what you will experience during a session so there will be no surprises during the session.  The following are some common concerns of new massage patients.


The therapies I administer usually do not cause pain, but they can highlight existing painful areas of your body. You may feel some discomfort during the therapy, especially if you have fatigued or injured muscles. Neuromuscular (Target Massage/Trigger Point/Myotherapy) involves applying pressure on sensitive/irritated areas of the muscles, and produces a “good” pain. It is called a “Good” pain because in a matter of seconds the problem area is relieved and the pain begins to go away.


During a session, you will be draped between two, heavy, 400 count 100% cotton sheets which are not “see through”. Female patients are also afforded a full coverage, opaque, gown when receiving Neck and Shoulder therapies. The top sheet is moved only to expose the area being addressed.


You will be receiving a Therapeutic Massage in a Medical office.  Tipping is not expected, but is always appreciated.


Typically, there will not be any music played during a therapeutic session since verbal feedback is a necessary part of the session.


Talking is pretty much required during a target/therapeutic therapy because of the need for feedback during pain release, although if you are not into talking during a session you can use hand signals!

Length and Frequency of Sessions

For each therapy session, I block off 30 minutes more than was scheduled. I do not like to be rushed when working on a client. So if you schedule a 60 minute therapy session, I block off 90 minutes. You do not lose touch time because of getting dressed/undressed, verbalizing the issues you want addressed during the session, or for me discussing the therapy or corrective exercises that you may need to help your healing. You are NOT charged for this additional time. Typically, when I am treating an injury, I recommend a return visit within 14 days, with 10 days being optimum. This is in an effort to keep me from starting all the way from the beginning when further addressing a problematic issue. Maintenance therapies are recommended at least once a month, but typically your body will let you know when it is time for another session.

Shea Butter Creme

I use a Shea Butter/Jojoba oil crème, for my therapeutic therapies, that I make myself. The crème consists of only 5 all natural ingredients.